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Opioid Addiction Treatment

Sublocade™ is a medication that can be used to help those who are addicted to opioid-based pain medications recover from their addiction. This medication replaces the effects of other opioids and helps reduce the cravings and symptoms experienced during withdrawal. Many people wonder, “What is Sublocade™?” Sublocade™ is a brand name for the medication buprenorphine and it is given as an injection once every month. The Sublocade™ injection absorbs slowly into the body throughout the month and should not be taken more than once per month. Sublocade™ features unique properties that cause it to weakly mimic opioids like morphine or heroin while inhibiting the effects of other opioids. This ability means that someone who uses Sublocade™ will not experience the withdrawal symptoms and drug cravings as someone withdrawing from an opioid normally would. Sublocade™ also makes it harder to misuse opioids, as Sublocade™ negates the effects of opioids.

Gaffar Syed MD

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