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Opioid Addiction Treatment Specialist

Gaffar Syed MD

Internal Medicine & Primary Care Practices located in Frederick, MD

Opioid addiction is a dangerous health condition that affects about 10% of those who misuse prescription opioids. Gaffar Syed, MD, offers personalized opioid addiction treatment at his practice in Frederick, Maryland, to help you regain your health and quality of life. If you’re ready to fight your addiction, call Dr. Syed or make an appointment online today for customized opioid addiction treatment.

Opioid Addiction Treatment Q & A

What are opioids?

Opioids are a class of drugs that stimulate receptors in your brain to relieve pain and provide relaxed or euphoric highs. Drug manufacturers can produce opioids naturally from the poppy plant or synthetically with other chemical compounds. 

Opiates are prevalent prescription pain medicines. You might recognize names like codeine, morphine, oxycodone, or hydrocodone. Opioids are also common street drugs like heroin. 

What are the warning signs of addiction?

Some of the warning signs of opioid addiction include:

  • Feeling frequent and intense urges to use the drug
  • Your cravings block out other thoughts
  • Developing a tolerance and needing more of the drug to get the same effect
  • Taking more of the drug than you intended
  • Failing to meet work and personal obligations
  • Doing things you wouldn’t usually to get the drug
  • Failing to stop using the drug on your own
  • Experiencing withdrawal symptoms when you can’t use the drug

Your friends and family might notice some of these symptoms or changes in your behavior or appearance before you. It might be tempting to ignore their concerns, but you should always take opioid abuse and addiction seriously. About 130 Americans die of an opioid overdose every day. 

When should I talk to a doctor about opioid addiction treatment?

You should make an appointment with Dr. Syed as soon as you notice that you’re misusing opioids or experiencing any of the symptoms of addiction. Addiction is a brain disorder that requires professional medical treatment. The longer you delay treatment, the higher your risk of serious health complications or even premature death. 

What happens during opioid addiction treatment?

Dr. Syed provides customized opioid addiction treatment to help you recover and regain your health and quality of life. He begins with a thorough exam and consultation to increase his understanding of your health and needs. 

Dr. Syed offers medication-assisted treatment (MAT) using Sublocade® injections in his office and routine follow-up appointments to monitor your progress. Sublocade is a prescription medication that can curb your cravings and withdrawal symptoms. There are three stages in MAT for addiction: induction, stabilization, and maintenance. 

The induction phase lasts just a few days as Dr. Syed helps you adjust to taking Sublocade. You need to be in the early stages of withdrawal when you start your MAT to get the most benefit from the treatment. Then, over the next few weeks, you and Dr. Syed meet regularly, and he adjusts your prescription as needed to relieve your symptoms. He might recommend counseling or peer support groups to complement your MAT.

Your maintenance phase can last 12-18 months or longer, depending on your needs. Eventually, Dr. Syed helps you taper off your medicine. He might also recommend Vivitrol® injections to help prevent relapse. Vivitrol is another medication that can help you beat addiction.

If you’re concerned about opioid addiction and are ready to commit to addiction treatment, call Dr. Syed or make an appointment online today.